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Professional Mold Remediation

Trust Liberty Restoration to remediate and cleanup all mold in your Kent home

Mold is the last thing you want to find in your residential or commercial property. In most cases, mold infestations are caused by untreated or unnoticed water damage. Leaky pipes, roof leak, flooding, and appliance malfunctions. 


When mold spores are in the presence of elevated moisture, harmful mold can grow as quickly as 24 hours after exposure. 


Liberty Restoration is equipped with the skills, resources and experience to fully remediate and remove all harmful mold from your home. If you suspect there is mold in your home, call today and we will send a mold expert to perform a mold inspection!

Emergency Mold Inspection & Removal

Our Mold Remediation Process

If your commercial or residential property has recently experienced any kind of water damage, we strongly advise scheduling a professional mold inspection. The mold experts at Liberty Restoration will perform a full, comprehensive visual mold inspection. If there is not visible mold, the technicians will follow up with an indoor air quality test. The samples will be sent to a third party lab for testing, once the results come back, the industrial hygienist will write a remediation protocol that Liberty Restoration can complete.

Contain The Affected Areas

The first order of safety is to set up containment to protect the unaffected areas from the affected areas. The mold technicians at Liberty Restoration will suit up in proper PPE to perform the mold remediation. The technicians will also turn off all HVAC systems to eliminate the risk of further contamination.

Removing The Mold

The mold remediation technicians will properly remove and dispose of all mold affected building materials. Once the drywall, carpet, etc. has been removed we will begin with wiping and HEPA vacuuming all contents and horizontal surfaces. In addition, we will set up a negative pressure system and air scrubbers to remove the spores from the air.


Sanitizing and disinfection is one of the most important steps in the mold remediation process. To sanitize the area, the mold technicians will use an anti-mold solution to clean all surfaces, then will leave air scrubbers in the area for an extended period to ensure all mold spores are eliminated.

Mold Repairs

Once the remediation process is complete, repairs need to be completed to restore the home back to it's previous condition. The restoration professional at Liberty will put back all drywall, carpet, flooring and etc.

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Most Common Areas To Be Affected By Mold




Air Conditioning Units

Laundry Rooms

Crawl Spaces

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